PSY 2010 – General Psychology

An introduction to the field of psychology which serves as a prerequisite to all higher-level courses in psychology. Topics such as learning, consciousness, memory, cognition, human development, social behavior, motives and emotions, neurobiology, and personality and psychopathology are discussed.

(Credit for this course cannot be given for CLEP hours for psychology majors.)

Fall semester

Admission Requirements: High school junior or senior in good standing, Minimum of 12 units of high school coursework, Completed application for admission. This is not required for students taking online courses, official high school transcript with minimum 3.0 GPA, completion of Bison Prep Dual Enrollment form (pdf), Minimum qualifying ACT (19), SAT (990) or CLT (64)

Course Costs: $25 CAC Administration Fee, Textbook Cost determined by course Professor.