Course Catalog

7th Grade Arkansas History

1 Credit1 Semester Grade 7 Social Studies

This class introduces students to the history of the state of Arkansas, specifically major historical figures, the process of achieving statehood, and the evolution of the state over time. The study of this class will prepare students for 8th Grade American History by placing Arkansas in the greater context of the history of the nation. Topics covered include early-indigenous settlers, the first European explorers, the path to statehood, Antebellum politics, the Civil War and Reconstruction, the Jim Crow Era and the founding of the University of Arkansas.

7th Grade World Geography

1 Credit1 Semester Grade 7 Social Studies

An introduction to the study of world geography through a regional approach that emphasizes language, culture and traditions.This course will prepare students for future history courses through an introduction to historical skills like research, citing of sources and explaining the social sciences. Topics covered include globalization, urbanization, push/pull factors, language extinction and physical geography.

6th Grade Social Studies

1 Credit2 Semesters Grade 6 Social Studies

This class introduces students to ancient world history. The study of this class will prepare students to see and know how geography influences people’s lives, how laws contribute to society, how innovations and ideas of the past influence the present and the future and how the belief systems of a society shape our culture. Topics covered include Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India and Ancient Greece. During the second semester, students will examine the development of civilizations during the Middle Ages.

7th Grade English

1 Credit2 Semesters Grade 7 English

This class is designed to expose students to many forms of text, reading skills, vocabulary, writing techniques, and grammatical concepts. Students will develop their ability to understand texts and think abstractly about what they have read. They will learn to be skilled writers who employ effective written, research, and grammatical techniques while incorporating strong, eloquent language.

6th Grade Composition and Grammar

1 Credit2 Semesters Grade 6 English

This class introduces students to taking notes, research gathering and writing, argument essay, and narratives. Topics covered include writing and organizing notes, gathering research, essay writing, argument writing, personal narratives, journaling, character narratives, spelling and grammar.

6th Grade English/Reading

1 Credit2 Semesters Grade 6 English

This class introduces students to universal themes and conflicts. In an effort to become better readers, students will recognize these elements in their personal reading. The study of this class will prepare students to find joy in reading in order to help them become life-long readers. Topics covered include daily reading in order to grow ability, skill, comprehension and interests. This class presents literature, informational texts, myths, legends and folktales throughout the year to students in an effort to help them gain understanding and grow as readers. AR tests/book projects will be due approximately every two weeks. Students will participate in presentations through various projects, book talks and AR tests.  

6th Grade Science

1 Credit2 Semesters Grade 6 Science & STEM

Students are introduced to a more complex understanding of living things, the environment and how they interact with one another. This class will prepare students for further study in biology, chemistry and Earth sciences.

Topics covered include living things, Earth’s systems, human impacts on the environment, forces and machines, matter and energy. Within these topics, students will also learn to collect, display and interpret data in various ways. They learn to create and interpret models, charts and graphs for the purpose of better understanding their own observations. By the end of sixth grade, the goal is that students have a basic understanding and appreciation for the physical world that God has created for us to live in. 

College Algebra

1 Credit2 SemestersDual Credit Grade 11Grade 12 Math

Successful completion of the course will earn three hours of college credit. The contents of this course are prescribed by the University of Central Arkansas and are designed to prepare students for a final exam provided by the University. Problem-solving skills and the logical reasoning techniques acquired in this class will serve students well as preparation for future math and science endeavors. Topics covered include basic concepts of algebra, graphs, functions and models, quadratic functions and equations, inequalities, polynomial functions and rational functions, exponential functions and logarithmic functions.

Admission Requirements: Cumulative GPA of 3.0. Along with teacher and principal recommendation. Before class begins in August (or in January if 2nd semester), students must attain ACT Reading & Math subscores of at least 19 or Accuplacer scores of 251 in Reading & 249 in Math. 

Course Fee: $30 (UCA tuition) + cost of textbook. Students will be billed by UCA. The bill will be mailed to the student’s home address after the drop/add deadline given by the Registrar.  A $75 CAC Administrative fee will be billed through FACTS. 


1 Credit2 Semesters Grade 7Grade 8 Math

This course is an introduction to topics such as working with integers, rational numbers, fractions and exponents, solving and graphing linear equations and inequalities, writing linear equations and inequalities, linear functions, percent and proportions, radicals, Pythagorean Theorem, distance formula, midpoint formula, translations, volume and surface area. This class will prepare students to master the skills necessary to become proficient in pre-algebra as all of these skills will be needed in Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra II and virtually all higher level math courses. 

6th Grade Math

1 Credit2 Semesters Grade 6 Math

This course introduces students to a more complex understanding of operations and equations involving fractions, decimals and integers. Sixth grade math will serve to prepare students for further study in pre-algebra. Topics covered include ratios and proportions, the coordinate plane, variables, completing operations with integers, the order of operations and focus on completing more complex operations with fractions and decimals.