Welcome to CAC!

Welcome to Mustang Mountain! We can’t wait to meet you in person on Aug. 13. Typically, leading up to the start of school, we would hold a special 6th Grade Orientation one evening allowing you and your family the opportunity to come on campus and get familiar with your schedule. Below, you will find information usually covered in our orientation event, and on Aug. 13, you can come to campus to get familiar with the building and learn about where your class will be.

Learn some new faces

Being in a new place can be an adjustment, but our teachers and administrative team are excited to meet you and are here to help in any way they can. See a few of them below.

Meet your 6th grade teachers

Kasandra Allison
Jimmy Teigen
Tamara Hodges

Meet the administrative staff

Andy Stewart, Principal
Matt Hall, Assistant Principal
Hayden Cruce, Athletic Director
Rachael Sargent, Administrative Assistant to the Principals
Shelby Lillard, Administrative Assistant to the Principals
Jan Penrod, Guidance Counselor
Carrie Vick,
Assistant to the Guidance Counselor

School drop-off and entrances

Our school drop-off plan is designed around assigned building entrances for each grade level. Below, you can find a map of the the entrance designated for 6th grade (purple) and the traffic flow pattern for the parking lot.

Drop-off and entrance map


For the 2020-21 school year, we have a few options for paid lunch during. See schedule and ordering details below.

Schedule & Ordering

Lunch time

Middle school eats lunch from 11:30-11:55 a.m.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Little Bites Catering services will be available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. Ordering and payment is done on the Little Bites website and must be completed at least 24 hours prior to the day lunch will be needed.

Tuesday and Thursday

Chic-Fil-A sandwiches will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week. For ordering, parents should fill out this form. Payment for this lunch option will be billed through a student’s FACTS account.

Extended Care

Extended Care and Transportation Forms

We’re pleased to offer before and after school care at the Secondary Campus! 2020-2021 Extended Care and Transportation Enrollment Forms are now available. Space may be limited due to physical distancing restrictions. Space will be reserved in the order enrollment forms are received.

What to wear

CAC student dress is expected to be modest and in keeping with Christian principles. The following uniform dress code has been adopted for the 2020-2021 school year.

Dress Code

Regular Dress Code (Monday–Thursday)


  • Knit polo style shirt, long or short sleeve; any solid color; maximum of 3 buttons on the placket
    • CAC polos sold by the PFTA are permitted.
    • Full-button dress shirt, long or short sleeve, solid color only.
    • CAC logo or manufacturer’s logo no larger than 4 square inches (2” length x 2” width)
    • Shirts should stay completely tucked in at all times.


  • Must be clean and hemmed, no holes, not frayed; not baggy, not sagging, not form-fitting, not low-cut pants; must fit at the waist, belts required
    • Twill/Cotton/Cotton blend, flat or pleated front, black, dark blue, or tan
    • No denim, cargo, carpenter, painter, or Capri pants of any kind may be worn.


  • Knee length to 4 inches above top of knee (girls and boys).
    • Not frayed, not baggy, not sagging, not tight legged, not low cut or cargo shorts; must fit at the waist, belt required
    • Twill/Cotton/Cotton Blend Walking/Golf shorts; flat or pleated front; black, dark blue, or tan in color

Skirts (girls only, must not be rolled at waist)

  • CAC plaid or tan (available at the Toggery)
    • Knee length to 4 inches above top of knee; measured in front and back from the floor while kneeling.
    • Plain, full length, black cotton leggings or CAC issued leggings are permitted
    • Sweat pants with CAC logo (available at the Toggery) may be worn under skirts.
    • Sweatpants and leggings must remain hemmed and CAC logo must be visible. Sweaters
    • Crew, v-neck, or cardigan; solid colors only
    • A collared-shirt must be worn underneath all sweaters

Sweatshirts/Fleece Tops (collared shirt must be worn underneath all sweatshirts/fleece tops)

  • CAC sweatshirt, crew neck only (available at Toggery or manufactured for CAC)
    • Seniors only – College sweatshirt, crew neck only
    • Quarter-zip fleece tops may be worn. Only manufacturer logo permitted no larger than 4 square inches (2” length x 2” width)
    • Solid color sweatshirts; only manufacturer logo permitted no larger than 4 square inches (2” length x 2” width)
    • Hooded sweatshirts are permitted to be worn prior to school before 8:00 a.m. and at the end of the school day, after 3:30 p.m. However, hoodies are not permitted to be worn in the school building between the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. School hoods may not cover the head while in the school building or when representing the school at any extra-curricular event.
    • Additionally, hooded sweatshirts are permitted to be worn at extra-curricular activities (athletic events, practice, school plays etc.,) if the event falls outside the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Outerwear (solid colors only)

  • Hooded jackets are not permitted to be worn during school hours (8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.)
    • Plain coats of a uniform color (no prints or designs)
    • CAC letter jackets
    • No camo, sports teams, colleges or logos
    • No trench coats
    • Coats not meeting these specifications may be worn to school but should remain in student lockers.

**NOTE – Sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets must fit properly and should come to or below the waist. Belts, Shoes, and Jewelry

  • Conservative in color and design
    • Belts are required with pants and shorts, worn through belt loops.
    • No chains or pocket chains
    • No sunglasses, caps, hats, bandanas, or head coverings
    • No earrings for boys
    • No facial piercings
    • Students must wear closed-toe shoes (ex. athletic shoes, leather shoes). Shoes not permitted include (but are not limited to) the following: House shoes (ex. Moccasins), crocs-styled shoes, heels higher than one inch (1”), shoes with wheels, shower shoes, all sandals.
Friday/Spirit Day
  • Students may follow the regular Monday–Thursday dress code OR students may wear the following:
    • CAC polos, jerseys, or spirit shirts (t-shirts made for CAC or by CAC) may be worn with dress code shorts or blue jeans (see guidelines below)
      • CAC shirts are permitted to be untucked
    • Blue jeans may be worn with an approved Spirit Day shirt
      • Blue jean guidelines: not frayed; not sagging, not embellishments, not baggy, not low hip huggers, not overly faded, must be clean
    • Students may wear blue jeans only with approved CAC polos, jerseys, or spirit shirts.
    • No homemade or independently designed/made shirts are permitted
    • Seniors are permitted to wear college t-shirts with jeans