Elementary Fine Arts

Elementary Music and Performance

Music is a valuable part of any well-rounded education. From math and science to reading and comprehension, children perform better in nearly every area when there is musical expression and exposure. While many research studies focus on the benefits of music through the association with higher test scores in middle and high school, the impact of music education actually begins much earlier. Modern research shows us that developing a strong sense of pitch happens in early childhood. So, we strive to create meaningful exposure to pitch during the critical years for auditory development. Aside from a general musicality, students in elementary school exhibit a broad range of benefits when given access to early music education.

Central Arkansas Christian grasps the value of early music education. For this reason, we offer music enrichment courses at both of our elementary campuses. Just as we are committed to providing academic excellence in our core coursework, CAC strives to lay a solid foundation for the Fine Arts.

Our music program is introduced in Early Childhood beginning with basic musical elements, incorporation of gross motor skills, hands-on activities, and social-emotional awareness. By the time our students reach Primary Grade Levels they will be building upon their knowledge of basic concepts. They learn music history, mechanics of the voice, basic musical notation, cultural context, and appreciation for the art form. In addition to classroom lessons, a vital element to our music education is the ability to craft performance opportunities. These range from classroom exercises, to campus-wide concerts, to even the occasional off-campus field trips.

“He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear the Lord and put their trust in him.”

Psalm 40:3

While it is our goal for students to develop personal growth and an appreciation of artistic expression, as a Christian school, we also make a conscious effort to instill a sense of ownership in worshipping with the gift of song. For this reason, singing is at the heart of our Chapel leadership opportunities. So, in addition to our regularly scheduled class time, CAC students have a chance to incorporate vocal tools from their music education classes within a worship environment.

Holly Cannon,
Elementary Music