Where funds go

I fell in love with this place, I loved the kids and the parents here, I loved going to chapel every day and the faculty here was so  different than any other place I had worked. CAC is just a special place!

Steve Quattlebaum
Faculty and Staff salaries, benefits, and  professional growthSupplemental tuition assistance for students in over 160 families to attend CACLarge scale renovations to spaces used daily for worship, fine arts, and community gatherings Supplemental learning for classroom instruction
Curricular materials, instructional tools, vital educational supplies, and extracurricular assetsEnhance over 30 student activities and programs impacting 100% of students School-wide capital improvements and surface renovations in all facilities Playground structures and equipment; toys for active learning environments
Facility operations & maintenance, financial management, and organizational administrative expensesExpansion of essential faith formation programs and Spiritual growth activities for students and families Special equipment and supplies for dedicated purposes such as new furnitureBooks for classroom libraries
Transportation and logistical equipmentIncrease opportunities for teacher leadership training, professional development, and holistic enrichmentAthletic and fine arts facilities renovations and upgrades Hallway and classroom decorations 
Ongoing technology infrastructure  investments and software maintenance Specialized technological advancements, devices and supplies for educational instructionSignificant installation of critical technology infrastructure Enrichment of educational and technological offerings
Health and safety installations, procedure training, and  implementation Optimize opportunities for administration to meet educational and missional goalsAcquisition and expansion of instructional and public use spaces Teacher appreciation and encouragement