Summit Fund

We help mold young people’s lives, physically, socially and spiritually, every day. What’s more important than that? CAC provides a needed service — it has for years and I want it to for years to come. What we do is important!

Steve Quattlebaum

Annual Summit Fund

For over 50 years, CAC faculty, families, grandparents, alumni and friends have participated in our school’s mission by making significant financial contributions. These gifts are not only significant because of the amount – they are significant because of the impact. When everyone joins together in big and small ways, the entire community is elevated. The Summit Fund was established to lay a solid foundation for CAC to be a school of excellence for the next 50 years.

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What is the Summit Fund?

The Summit Fund is our school’s ongoing fundraising effort to keep tuition affordable while elevating our educational experience beyond core programs. Funded through annual recurring donations, the Summit Fund supports continued innovation and improvements to programming and learning environments. 

Why is the Summit Fund SO Important?

CAC is more than academics; we seek to develop the heart, soul, mind and strength of each student to prepare them for a life of purpose and fulfillment as part of God’s work in the world.

Tuition dollars are the framework for our operating budget, but the exceptional value of the education students at CAC receive are funded by your generosity. Every dollar we receive above tuition infuses our students with a distinctively Christian educational experience. The Summit Fund elevates every student.

Summit Fund gifts allow the school to provide:

  • Supplemental tuition assistance for students in over 160 families to attend CAC
  • Enhanced student activities and programs impacting 100% of students
  • Expansion of essential faith formation programs 
  • Increased opportunities for educator training and holistic development
  • Specialized technological advancements and devices

Commitments to the Summit Fund are solicited every fall but are accepted year-round.

Participate in the Mission

Every gift has an impact on the lives of our students and the quality of their education.

Any amount makes a difference. Together, we have a big impact. If every CAC family pledged just $10 per month, our Summit Fund would grow by over $80,000!

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Join Summit Circle – Commit to a recurring donation of $1500 or more annually ($125 per month) and serve in one or more of these key areas:

  • New Family Ambassadors
  • Alumni Relations
  • Spiritual Life
  • Sponsorships
  • Fundraising
  • PFTAs and Booster Clubs
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Why We Give

Dear CAC parents and friends,

We give to CAC because we believe that a Christ-centered education is what’s best for our children. We wanted our children to be educated in a school with a Christian worldview. Children can be educated in English, math and science at any school, but we send our children to CAC, not just for the excellent formal education, but primarily for the Christian environment, for chapel, and for the people.

We know the faculty and staff at CAC care about more than just what grade our kids made on their exam — they care about our kids as people, they care about their heart, and most importantly, they care about their soul. What we see in our daughters is the impact that a loving, Christ-centered education has on young people.

The influence of CAC educators makes our kids better people and makes their growth as faithful Christians flourish. As alumni, my wife and I can affirm that the influence CAC has on you is a lifelong one — it’s an influence that impacts your worldview, your values and your behavior. CAC sets you up to be successful in life as a Christian person. 

We are honored to serve as Chairs of the inaugural 2021-2022 Summit Fund to continue to support CAC in any way we can. We know the impact the school has on each and every child there matters for each student’s future. CAC’s annual Summit Fund is crucial for CAC to continue to provide the outstanding Christian educational environment it has provided for the last 50 years. Consider giving to the annual Summit Fund, and have a lifelong influence on CAC students for the next 50 years.

Dr. Adam (’99) and Hollie Hearne (’99) Sandlin