1. Nurture an understanding of God’s love which inspires students to love God, to love others, and to see themselves and the world from God’s perspective;
  2. Encourage students to trust God and faithfully seek His will in their lives as they seek to develop an eternal relationship with Him through Christ;
  3. Provide clear moral and ethical standards based upon the biblical principles established by God to govern our lives;
  4. Model Christian values, joyful living, and a spirit of community;
  5. Cultivate a wonder for God’s creation and a love of learning;
  6. Teach and model self-discipline;
  7. Encourage and value creativity;
  8. Emphasize essential knowledge and skills for future learning;

Equip students with effective reading and listening skills;
Teach students to think critically;
Teach students to write and speak effectively;
Teach students the fundamental principles and laws of mathematics and science;

9. Promote an appreciation of the arts and development of basic skills in music, visual arts, and theatre;

10. Develop proficiency in a second language;

11. Encourage the development of attitudes and habits for healthy living;

12. Develop the basic skills and aptitude to use current and future technology;

13. Equip students with an understanding and appreciation of our country’s history, government, economic system, and the duties of responsible citizens;

14. Promote participation in activities which allow students to learn and develop through personal involvement (e.g. serving, competing and performing).