4th & 5th Grade Parents,

While many uncertainties remain, Governor Hutchinson’s announcement that schools will be closed to on-site instruction for the remainder of the school year confirmed the outcome that our leadership team anticipated and for which we have been planning. 

Every school and university across our nation is working to find a way to provide the feedback that grades afford while allowing for grace in a difficult and stressful time for families. We want to be thoughtful in addressing graded assignments moving forward this semester. 

Grades, in their best sense, serve as a communication tool. They tell a teacher whether a student understands or needs more help mastering a concept. In light of this, CAC has developed a grading policy for our fourth and fifth grade students that allows for feedback and accountability while providing the flexibility necessary in this unusual time.

Grading Remote Learning

Moving forward, grades will be displayed in RenWeb as one of the following three categories:

Meets Expectations: Students who score 70% or above on an assignment will receive a ME (Meets Expectations) in RenWeb.

Needs Improvement: Students who score 69% or less on an assignment will receive a NI (Needs Improvement) in RenWeb.

Missing: This indicates that a student did not complete an assignment.

Late Work

Students will not be penalized for late graded assignments unless it becomes a consistent issue.

What happens if a student receives an ‘NI’ or ‘M’?

  1. Teachers will communicate with the student and parent, notify them of the NI or M grade and offer support as needed.
  2. Teachers will arrange individual feedback sessions with student(s) to help understand areas of weakness. 
  3. Students will have the opportunity to retake assignments as arranged by the teacher.

What Will This Look Like?

RenWeb App

Due to limitations within the RenWeb App, only the Term Grade will be visible for each of your student’s classes. You will not be able to see individual assignments in the App.

ParentsWeb Online

Due to limitations within the RenWeb App, parents must log in to ParentsWeb using a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc) to view all graded assignments.


Our goal is to provide all CAC students and families with valuable feedback.

Once you’ve had a few days to see how this approach works and your child’s teacher has entered grades, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We continue to be here for you to provide feedback and support!

Jamie Custer, PV
Judy Posey, NLR