8th Grade Art / 8th Grade Drama

8th Grade Art introduces students to the Principles of Design, composition and craftsmanship in a variety of media. The study of this class will prepare students to intentionally use the Principles of Design to create original artworks from imagination and inspiration. Topics covered include the Principles of Design, using images as reference and inspiration, and techniques for good craftsmanship in a variety of media. 

Intro to Theatrical Production introduces students to the process of developing theatrical works from concepts/ideas to the rehearsal process and finally to the performance setting. Students will explore the process of taking theatrical works from script to stage using a variety of selected or developed texts and performance applications. Topics covered include stage directions & movement, storytelling & monologues, theatre history research & performance, comedic scene work, voice/diction/accents, puppetry and devising a theatrical piece.

This is a year-long course option that includes Art and Drama.