Art Foundations / Introduction to Theatrical Production

The Art Foundations class is designed to teach students to apply the elements of art and principles of design through creating original artworks and the study of historically significant artworks. Students will develop their creativity through exploring artwork from a variety of cultures throughout history. Students will reflect on the motivations and aesthetic concerns of other artists to better understand their own assumptions and goals in creating artwork. Through artistic development, students will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be applied beyond art. Students will create, critique, reflect and make connections to art.

Introduction to Theatrical Production is designed to build foundations in many areas of theatre study. Students will explore a variety of disciplines within theatre through collaborative projects and performances. Topics covered include jobs in professional theatre, Stanislavski method of acting, theatrical production & directing, theatrical design work, elements of technical theatre, comedic & dramatic scene work and devising a theatrical piece.

This is a year-long course option that includes Art and Drama.