College American History II

This course will be a semester-long concurrent credit American history course covering the years 1877 CE to current times with a special emphasis on the development of the American people over time. The course will span from the end of the Civil War to the post-Cold War. While much of the history of the United States perpetuates the idea that the United States is a champion of free democracy, portions of the country’s history demonstrate that it has behaved as an empire occasionally. During this course, we will examine if the United States is an Empire and, if so, has the Empire fallen?

Open To: 11th Grade

Admission Requirements: Cumulative GPA of 3.0. Teacher and Principal recommendation. Before class begins in August, or in January (if 2nd semester), students must attain ACT Reading subscores of at least 19 or Accuplacer scores of 251 in Reading. 

Course Fee: $30 (UCA tuition) + cost of textbook. Students will be billed by UCA. The bill will be mailed to the student’s home address after the drop/add deadline given by the Registrar. A $75 CAC Administrative fee will be billed through FACTS.