Junior High Choir

Course Fee: varies

This class introduces the continued study of vocal technique in various styles as well as the process of learning and understanding music in three-part harmony. This class will prepare students to continue as a vocalist in our Senior High choir at CAC. It will also give them foundational skills that are helpful for any musical setting they may experience in their community or church.

Students will improve their singing tone using proper vocal techniques; identify simple meters such as  2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 2/2 or cut time; identify basic note values; demonstrate major and minor scales/intervals using solfege hand signs; and sing a variety of repertoire three-part harmony.

The following are taught and applied on a continuous basis through the learning of various songs and repertoire throughout the class: Vocal Pedagogy (how the voice works & how to sing healthily); Kodaly Solfege System & Ear Training (how to sight-read and understand what the music on the page sounds like); and Ensemble Skills (how to blend your voice in harmony with other singers). The Junior High Choir performs a Christmas and Spring concert each year in addition to occasional performances around the Little Rock community.