Reminders for the week

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, the administration is preparing to make adjustments as needed in the coming weeks. We implore you to remain diligent in following the CDC guidelines for gatherings, travel, masks and social distancing to help us minimize disruptions as we finish out this semester.


As stated in the Thanksgiving COVID-19 Community Notification on Oct. 25,  at this time we plan to continue on-campus instruction following Thanksgiving break. As the situation is always subject to change, all Secondary Campus students were required to take their school materials home Friday, Nov. 20This included Chromebooks, textbooks, notebooks, etc. This will give you the opportunity to sanitize supplies and be prepared in the case of required remote learning. 

Post-Thanksgiving Remote Learning Option

While you may opt to join our remote learning program at any point during the school year, we are encouraging any families who would like to take precautionary measures to opt-in for remote learning in the weeks following Thanksgiving. Students will be allowed to work remotely in one-week intervals and may not return to campus until their full Monday-Friday week is complete.

If a student tests positive or has close contact with someone who tests positive, that student is required to follow CDC and ADH protocols and contact administration immediately. The post-Thanksgiving remote learning option is ONLY for families who have had NO known close-contacts or positive tests but would feel more comfortable working in a remote capacity for a week or two as a precautionary measure.

Post-Thanksgiving Remote Learning Option Forms

Community Covenant Reminder

Please review the Community Covenant you signed at the beginning of the year and commit to continuing to monitor your household’s symptoms by using this checklist as a guideline.

Please don’t send your child to school if you or any family member is experiencing any unexplained COVID-19 symptom. 

Please don’t send your child to school if you are waiting on the results of a COVID-19 test.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to finishing out this semester! We will continue to keep you fully informed of any developments or issues related to COVID-19. Please contact us if you have questions.