New Mustang Missions Project Raises $1,002 for Manna Christian School in Dominican Republic

Each month, the collective focus of our student body is placed on a different charity or organization through Mustang Missions. This month, Coach Shoemaker and the 9th grade class introduced a new opportunity to raise funds for Manna International, a non-profit organization bringing hope, education and a new life to those in need in developing countries around the world in the name of Christ.

“This past summer, I went on a mission trip with our youth group to the Dominican Republic and we stayed on the campus of the Manna Christian School,” Shoemaker said. “Mr. Tappe mentioned to me that we needed a new Mustang Mission for the spring semester and asked for my suggestions. I thought that since we already help sponsor an elementary school in Haiti, it would be cool if we could round it out and help support a high school somewhere.”

Shoemaker then got in contact with Manna Christian School to see if CAC would be a good match for the needs of the Dominican Republic high school. The Manna leaders were immediately on board and asked if our students would be willing to help raise funds for graduation expenses such as gowns, a celebration dinner and decorations.

To raise money, the 9th grade class decided to host a Spirit Day where students could donate money and come to school out of uniform. They were encouraged to wear red, white and blue, the colors of the Dominican Republic flag. In total, the secondary campus raised $1,002, which is a third of the cost it takes to put on graduation!

Because multiple churches in the Little Rock area take frequent mission trips to the Dominican Republic through Manna, this particular Mustang Missions project hit a personal note with a number of CAC students. This summer, many of our students will travel to the DR and see the direct impact they were able to have.

Shoemaker said he is excited to continue working with Manna each year and he believes this is the beginning of a great partnership.