Fall Semester Testing Information

Secondary Parents and Guardians,

We are nearing the end of the first semester and entering into a busy holiday season! As we approach semester testing week (December 18 – December 20), I want to make sure you are all informed of the schedule and other important notes for the final week of school.

High School Check-out Procedures

Middle School Check-out Procedures

Shuttle Bus Information

Testing Schedules

Click Here to view the High School Testing Schedule
Please note: Students will NOT be allowed to take semester tests early. Students will need to report for testing during the scheduled test time.

Click Here to view the Middle School Test Schedule
For the Middle School Fall Semester Testing Schedule, we are implementing an abbreviated testing schedule. It is our intention to prepare the middle school students to transition to a testing schedule similar to that of the High School for the Spring semester. Consequently, 7th and 8th grade students will take end of unit exams in English and Math classes on Wednesday, December 18. These exams will not be cumulative and will carry the same weight as a normal test.* 

*The 8th grade Algebra I test is classified as a high school level class. The Algebra I test will be weighted 20% of the final grade, consistent with all other high school classes.