Goal $25,000

During the month of February, PV elementary students will participate in a Read-A-Thon to celebrate reading while raising money for our campus.

All funds raised will go to our PFTA with 25% of the total going directly to the school library to purchase new books for our students.

How it works:

The PV school community asks family, friends & co-workers to sponsor students in one of two ways:

You may choose to pay using our online donation portal, click the button below, or have the money drawn from your FACTS account.

Students participating in our Read-A-Thon will record minutes read outside of the classroom every day on their Read-A-Thon log sheets. To participate, you may read any of the following:

Family Technology Challenge

We are challenging all families at Pleasant Valley Elementary to kick off the first week of Read-A-Thon by going tech-free. This means that instead of watching TV or playing video games, you read! If your family goes without technology-based entertainment, such as video games and TV, from Monday, Feb. 5 through Friday, Feb. 9, each child in your family will receive an out-of-uniform pass!

Read-A-Thon Reading Log

During February, each night after students read (or are read to), families should record both what was read and for how many minutes. After reading each week, families should tally up the total minutes read and record this number on the reading log sheet in the designated box. We will collect these sheets on the following dates:

Reading log and Pledge sheets are in the student packet labeled for each week.

If your child does not meet the 75-minute goal during one week, they may combine the minutes with the following week to reach the goal. Students will qualify for an Enchanted Forest keychain after every 75 minutes read and minimum donation.

Read-A-Thon Pledge Sheet

Students will record the names of their sponsors and how much each sponsor will contribute. This may be in the form of a lump sun for total minutes read for the week, or an amount determined per minutes read (eg. $.25 cents for each minute read).

Pledge sheets are due each Monday to qualify for the keychain.

Families will calculate total pledge amounts.
Collect all donations and indicate on the sheet how each pledge was given: check (made our to CAC), cash, online donation or draft FACTS account.

If you donate via our online payment portal, please put the student name in the Notes section so the student gets credit for the donation.


Students will receive an Enchanted Forest keychain of their choice for every 75 minutes read with a minimum $10 donation (and they can earn more than one per week!).

Students will also receive a lanyard to display their keychains.

Total donations

Class prizes