In an effort not to flood your inbox with hundreds of emails, we’ve designed a communications schedule to get the job done (keep you informed) without overwhelming our people (we want you to read the emails) and help in our mission to foster a sense of community (celebrate with us)!

New & Notes

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Send date: Every Wednesday
News & Notes is a weekly email designed to keep you in the loop about our student’s successes, campus celebrations, upcoming events, opportunities and important dates.

If you read this: You’ll have a pretty good idea of what is going on at all three campuses.


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Send date: Once a month
The e-Mustang is a monthly newsletter which features articles and photos about life at CAC and beyond. The digital publication is a redesigned alternative to CAC’s long-standing “Insights” magazine. The e-Mustang follows a similar publication style with more lengthy features about CAC family, alumni and school happenings.

If you read this: You’ll learn more about the people who make CAC what it is.
Check out the e-Mustang Archive at the bottom of the page to catch up!

Mustang Monitor

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Send date: Every Monday
The Mustang Monitor is a subscription-based weekly email focused solely on following the CAC Athletics Department and its teams. From game results to student achievements on the field and schedule changes, the Monitor is a great way to stay informed.

If you read this: You’ll always know the answer to “What time do the Mustangs play tonight?”
Email Rachel Brackins to subscribe to the Mustang Monitor.

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