An enchanted evening

Junior Senior (Jr/Sr), the CAC version of prom, took place last Friday night, April 21st. The day consisted of lots of time to get ready, the Parade of Dates, a banquet, and an afterparty. It is a long-standing school tradition and has become an important part of our history. It is a time when alumni, parents, faculty, and students all come together as a community to share in watching the parade of dates. Whether they are coming to see their kids dressed up or to make their best dressed list for that year, it is a great time that everyone can share together.

“Tradition is fun, and maintaining a level of tradition is important for me at CAC to honor those who came before us,” said Principal Stewart. “We don’t want Jr/Sr to be a pressured event for students but one that is fun and is seen as a community event for our junior and senior class. I believe it is important to take some time to have fun, relax and enjoy the tradition of dressing up with fellow students!” 

Jr/Sr is put on by the junior class officers each year. This year’s officers are Lily Wooderson, Ella Blakely, Cassidy Hughes, Tori Hill, Harrison Richmond and Luke Shockley. This group of students all work together to choose a theme, fundraise throughout the year, plan the night, and make sure that everything ran smoothly. This year’s junior class president, Lily Wooderson, shared that “We [the junior class officers] were all so excited to present an Enchanted Evening to the juniors and seniors this year. We have all been working together on creating a unique night and theme.” 

Staying on the theme of themes (get it lol) we asked Coach Sully and Mrs. Arnold to reminisce on themes of the past. 

“The Alice in Wonderland theme always creeps people out, and nobody can figure out what it represents,” Coach Sully remembered. 

Mrs. Arnold did not have a specific theme that she believed should have been nixed but instead said “theme…no. Table decor…YES! One year we decorated the banquet tables with floral centerpieces that had fish swimming in the vases. We also had candles that sat around the perimeter of the vase. Unfortunately, the candles heated the water in the vases, and the fish began to die all through dinner. Can you imagine trying to eat your dessert with a dead fish bobbing around in the center of your table?”

Whether you focus on the hard work that the junior officers put in, the pride families get to feel watching their kids walk across the stage, or the feeling of it being the beginning of the end for the seniors, everyone can find something to love about the night. We hope that everyone who attended had a truly enchanted evening!