Chapel moves outside for a day

CAC administration moved chapel to the great outdoors the first day back from fall break. On Oct. 11, students filled Simmons Stadium with donuts in hand to hear from Coach Hayden Cruce. The idea came from Assistant Principal Janice Northern to utilize our renovated facilities outside. 

“We did it during the transition of seasons where it’s fall and it’s a little nicer and to give everyone a break from routine — just refocus and allow people to focus differently during that time instead of doing the same thing every day,” Mrs. Northen said. 

Coach Cruce said he is constantly trying to keep the Bible close to everything we do.

“I thought about the student council theme for the year, and I wanted to focus around that,” Coach Cruce said. “In preparation for that, I read John chapter 3 where the verse is based out of and kind of thought about that. That is where I looked at the context of the story and looked at what people were trying to say to John about his relationship with Jesus.”

Coach Cruce wanted to apply the ideas in chapel to the modern world.

“I thought about how that could apply to us today with social media, and everything is such a big part of our culture,” he said. “You see things trending on X, there are influences making millions of dollars, and there are just so many things revolving around the same thing.”

Coach Cruce said he loves collaborating with his peers.

“One of the best things we do here is we have chapel every day, and it creates a routine in our lives for that community time,” he said. “One of the downsides of us doing it everyday is that it can become routine and people aren’t as focused. Every time you change the routine a little, it can re-energize that time, and has everyone focused a little bit.”