Club chapel offers fellowship in common interests

Written by Luke Ketcher, Solomon Barnes and Brandon Bauer |

Club chapel is one of the newest editions to Mustang Mountain this year. Club chapel offers a unique opportunity for students to meet in small groups with like-minded individuals whom they share interests with. There are club chapel options such as Debate Club, Quiz Bowl, Chess Club, Spanish Club and Math Club.

History Club is one of the many options you can join. Senior Madison Bisbee took on the role as President, and she leads 28 students alongside sponsor, Coach Billy Sullivan, and her treasurer, senior Macy Wall. 

“Mr. Billy Sullivan really inspired me and being in his class,” she said. “He really made me get into history. Having some responsibility and having something to do with history really inspired me.”

History Club is an active group on campus — they organize Veterans Day, and they are planning to take a trip to the Titanic museum.

“I want to make an impact by getting more students involved and inspired in history,” Madison said.

As treasurer, Macy works alongside President Bisbee to ensure the history club flows smoothly. She talks to other people in the history club about what to do.

“I think being the treasurer of the history club is fun, and having a nice title.”

The club plans to implement a new information moment on Thursdays called “On this day in history.” Stay tuned to hear more about history club in chapel this Thursday.