How to make a random potion

By Guest Writer Liam Phillips |

Graphic created by Colt VanDyke, Jackson Allen and Luke Tindall

Carefully coat a caldron in a clear cauldron conjuring coating. 
Then set up a fire cone, and prepare enough wood to keep the fire alive for 3 hours at least. 
I recommend 5 hours for beginners. 

Gather the materials: a plump penguin pelt, a tooth from a raging rad raptor, an enormous elk eye, and a carefully cut cow hough. 

STEP 3: 
Build a 4 way arch out of metal and put a chain at the meeting point of the metal, then hang the cauldron by hand, and light the fire.

STEP 4: 
Put a pile of soot around the foot of the flame, then light the fire with a lighter. The fire will swifty set some sticks on fire.

Put some water in the cauldron about half way, then wait a little bit after the water wails way too loud from boiling.

Graphic created by Piper Zakrzewski assisted by Deja Walker

STEP 6: 
Drop the plump penguin pelt. It should make a plop sound, and the water should turn to a gray color.

STEP 7:  
Toss the cow hough in with a pop, and the water should turn into a darker gray.

STEP 8: 
Pierce  the enormous elk eye with the tooth from the raging rad raptor.

STEP 9: 
Toss the elk eye with the tooth in it into the cauldron with a boom and the water will turn into a lighter gray

STEP 10: 
Put out the fire and wait ten minutes. 

STEP 11: 
Get a potion bottle and scoop up some of the potion, and there you have it– a random potion that could do anything! 

Can you find all the ingredients hidden in the graphic below?

Graphic created by Dawson Pinkston, Karson Everett, John Starks, and Jackson Harper,