Intercom Olympics added to 12 Days Christmas activities

Written by Brandon Bauer |

The Winter Intercom Olympics have been a student-favorite on Mustang Mountain. Every other day during the 12 Days of Christmas spirit event, students have had the chance to complete a series of questions, in a timely manner for a chance to win a prize.

Mrs. Sergeant is excited about the inaugural Winter Intercom Olympics as it brings a new aspect of “fun” to school. 

“We started the Winter Intercom Olympics because of a suggestion from Miss. Northern,” she said. “She’s the one who came up with it. The reason we do it is because we wanted to just have something fun and different to celebrate the Christmas season. We wanted to make it fun for all the students.”

The students have loved the games as the prizes are a variety of sweet treats!

“The prizes have varied — they’ve been full size candies like skittles, starbursts and Christmas donuts,” she said. “Today we had the Christmas donuts and that’s probably what we’ll do again for the last day of the Winter Intercom Olympics.”

Don’t be surprised if you see the Intercom Olympics make a comeback in 2024! 

Congratulations to the four winners!

1st day: Mr. Smith’s class 

2nd day: Mrs. Sims’ class 

3rd day: Mrs. Holland’s Class

4th: Mrs. Tucker’s AP LIT Class