Introducing the Pony Press!

Written by Haylee Newman |

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Pony Press! The Pony Press is a student media publication created and run by 6 Digital Mixed Media II students. It has been many years since CAC has had a student-run weekly publication, and we are honored to bring back this tradition. The Pony Press will be released to students every Tuesday via email and will feature recurring sections as well as stand alone stories.

If you want to see something featured in The Pony Press, we want to hear from you! It is important to us to include ALL students (after all, this is student-led), so please make frequent use of our feedback form (located in the “Use Your Voice” section of this week’s issue). You have a chance to be featured in upcoming issues; you can share advice for other students or grades, suggest a word of the week, recommend a book, or tell your faith story! If none of these future columns are applicable to you, feel free to tell us something funny that happened, explain why you think Stanley cups are overrated, or suggest a better nickname for Pencil Neck… er, Coach Morse… we just want to hear from you! Tell us what you think and what you want to see more of!  

We want The Pony Press to be something you look forward to seeing, and we are proud to create it. for you We can’t wait to see how you show up in CAC’s story each week in The Pony Press!