Paying tribute to the past

CAC has been represented by many different images — mountains and mustangs, crosses and shields. It all seeks to communicate who our school is and why what we do here is significant. The Pony Press logo is no different. Did you know that it incorporates an old CAC logo used by the football team, the old student newspaper and T-shirts seen throughout student life photos?

The Mustang Monitor, a student-produced newspaper in the 80s, used two circles connected to an ‘M,’ (for “Mustang”) and that also symbolized mountains. Another student newspaper in the 90s had a completely different look and name — Mustang Matters. The Pony Press team wanted to honor the past while looking ahead to the future with the identity of this new publication.

“One day during Bible class, Anna and I were talking about our teams different logo ideas,” Haylee Newman said. “Coach Sully overheard us discussing the new student publication and then showed us a copy of the school newspaper he worked on as a senior – The Mustang Monitor. We took one look at the newspaper and knew exactly what had to be done.”  

The team chose to incorporate an element of the old logo in the new logo. It has been many years since CAC last had a weekly student publication, and The Pony Press team hopes this image will serve as a reminder to students of not just where this tradition started, but also as a sign of how far it has come.