Meet the Digital Designer

Allow us to introduce you to our resident Karate Kid, Caden Cash. When he’s not intensely training to become the next karate master of his family, he acts as the digital designer for The Pony Press. Caden is responsible for creating layout and putting together all content. Caden plans on pursuing website design and computer programming as a future career, so this role is helping him to prepare for the workforce.

Caden is most excited about seeing people’s reaction to the Press. He has enjoyed walking down the hallways and hearing people talking about the Pony Press.
Caden plans on going to Arkansas Tech, graduating after four years and then going to Lipscomb to receive his masters degree. He plans on creating and animating movies or video games.

A fun fact about Caden is that he is a black belt in karate (hence the Karate Kid reference earlier!) He began learning karate in kindergarten, but began practicing seriously in third grade.

When asked for any final thoughts, Caden left us with the wise words of, “I’m excited … just cause!”

Caden is an incredibly talented designer, and we are so glad to have him on our team! We cannot wait to see his work as he grows in his skills!