Meet the Editor

Anna Tuxhorn will be acting as our fearless leader as she takes on the role of Editor and Chief of the Pony Press. As editor, Anna will organize projects, lend advice and guidance to staff, finalize all issues of the Press, and create a publication that will provide value to students. She hopes that the Pony Press will provide a way for future students and alumni to look back on past years on the Mountain.

When asked which aspect of the Pony Press she is most excited about, she said, “I am most excited to create a high quality product for our school, and getting to know the other members of the Pony Press staff.” 

Anna has an interest in all things graphic design, writing, videography, and website design, and is thrilled at the opportunity to put these skills to use for the benefit of her school. 

After graduation, Anna plans to attend The University of Mississippi, and hopes to be admitted into the Croft Institute for international studies. Anna plans to major in international studies and minor in security studies. An interesting fact about Anna is that she can name all 50 states in alphabetical order. Above all, Anna is honored to fulfill her role as editor, and is so excited about what the future holds for The Pony Press