Meet the Head Photographer

Dillon Dixon is serving as the head videographer for the Pony Press. He will be over all video and photo content released by the Press. This role enables him to express his creativity through video creation, and make enjoyable content for the CAC student body. Dillion is excited to hear the stories of CAC faculty and students, and share these stories with his peers. He looks forward to spreading positivity through his work on the Press.

Dillion is considering attending the University of Arkansas, and hopes to find a career that doesn’t feel like work- possibly veterinary medicine.

Dillion has a love for animals, hence his interest in pursuing a career as a veterinarian, but did you know that he is also a horse whisperer. That’s right, Dillion loves riding horses when he visits his grandmother in Oregon. To him the best part of riding is “[forming] a good connection and bond with the horse, it becomes your best friend.”

We are extremely lucky to have Dillon as a part of our team, and cannot wait to see how he uses his talents to benefit his peers.