More than just basketball

“I came in with a mindset of ‘The scoreboard is the indicator of all things,’” 7th and Junior High Girls Basketball Coach Tasha Williams said. “At some point, I stopped watching the scoreboard and started taking those small victories.”

The 7th grade and junior high girls finished up their basketball seasons last week, and for Coach Williams, the focus was on growth.

“When I say small victories, I mean stopping your man on defense, keeping your defender from getting to the hole, catching the ball looking versus just taking off and not thinking,” Williams said. “Small things — did we get a stop, did we score on the second trip versus not scoring the whole second half, did we block out, did we rebound?”

From the beginning of the season to the final game, Williams said she could see great leaps in her junior high team’s development, citing an increase in game IQ and points scored in a game. To motivate her team to continue reaching their highest potential, Williams emphasized putting in the work. 

“I always tell them, ‘You cannot take out anything you have not deposited, so you have to put the work in. This summer, we’re opening up the gym — we’re having skills and drills. There will be opportunities for them to come and get better. You can only take out what you put into basketball and all sports.”

Williams also saw a lot of growth and success in her 7th grade team.

“They were fearless. Either they were going to take you out or take that ball. They were determined. They were a scrappy little group.”

Among the highs, lows, Williams heads into the off-season encouraged by the relationships she was able to build with both new and returning players, foundation of skills, and life lessons that she knows spreads outside the walls of the gym.