Past CAC Traditions

For fifty-one years, Central Arkansas Christian School has been home to thousands of students. As scholars and faculty have come and gone, so have many traditions. Everyone has a favorite, for some it’s Track Attack or Hush Hearts, and for older students it may even be a tradition that no longer exists (RIP The Wave).

This week, the Press spoke with Coach Sully to take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce on a few obsolete CAC traditions.

The first tradition he mentioned was “Spelunking.” Spelunking is the term for cave exploring. Keith Schramm, a former CAC chemistry teacher, would take groups of students and faculty to Blowing Springs, a cavern located in Northwest Arkansas. They would explore the cave for several hours until reaching a cavern with an amazing waterfall.

“The turning around spot was a cool waterfall room where we would turn out our lights and experience complete darkness,” according to Sully.

When their adventure came to an end, they were so dirty that they had to throw away the clothes they were wearing due to how gross they got in the caves.

For our claustrophobic readers (who may be thinking that spelunking sounds like your worst nightmare), you may find the next tradition a little more enticing. For example, “Wills and Prophecies.” A “will” was an object or piece of advice given to juniors by seniors. “Prophecies” were junior’s predictions of where the seniors would end up one day.

Coach Sully said, “It was a big burn session with a mix of sentimental moments.”

These “wills and prophecies” would be read each year at Jr/Sr. Sadly, this tradition was forced to come to an end when the submissions for prophecies eventually got out of hand.

This last tradition is for everyone…The M-Steppers and Wranglerettes. These drill teams were made up of girls that did not want to cheer, but did want to perform. At the beginning, this team was only for junior high, but later evolved into a full on high school drill team.

Looking back on past CAC traditions, are there any that you think we should bring back? Let us know in the feedback form which ones you wish we still had.