Staff Spotlight

Tressa Ashberry has been a part of the CAC community for 19 years. She began her career teaching at the elementary campus, but now serves as the Foundations Program English teacher at the secondary campus.

Mrs. Ashberry shared that she was drawn to CAC because she wanted to teach in a Christian environment where she could talk openly with her students about their faith, something that might not be possible in a public school.

As previously mentioned, Mrs. Ashberry works with CAC’s new Foundations program. “The program began in the fall of 2022 with a mission to recognize the special gifts that accompany dyslexia and build a foundation for future academic success.” To her, working with this program “is probably one of the most fulfilling jobs [she’s] ever had.” Ashberry states that kids with dyslexia or language processing often don’t receive the support they need in a traditional classroom, and this program helps to address that.

The transition between campuses went smoothly for Mrs. Ashberry. She told us that she’s “always had a heart for who I would consider the underdogs, and I think sometimes these kiddos are the underdogs.” She has greatly enjoyed getting to know and work with these kids, and that has made the transition so much easier.

To finish off the interview Mrs. Ashberry was asked if there was one thing she would like to share with the rest of the student body, her response was “be happy with who you are because that is who God made you to be.”