Student Media Agency

A new area of CAC Student Media in 2023, the Student Media Agency seeks to facilitate real-world creative projects and collaboration. Student involved are enrolled in Digital Mixed Media II or higher. The goal of CAC’s student media opportunities is to introduce students to careers in a media field through hand-on learning. The Agency takes that education a step further by putting students in on-the-job like situations where they use skills for real projects. Students have partnered with both local business owners and areas of CAC Schools to create digital content for events and other branding materials. Learn more about projects below

Agency students worked together to create “A Day on Mustang Mountain,” a children’s book written for new Mustang Mountain Elementary Kindergartners. They presented the book in chapel on April 5, 2023, with the help of Mr. Jimmy Teigen, who read the book to the audience. The book was written by Pony Press writers Lilly Gardner and Emma Milam and illustrated by Agency students Brady Jones, Ashlyn Cooper, Vance Strange, Tim McConnell, Charlie Bannister, and Jaiden Barnett.


Students learn and use the Adobe Creative Suite to create digital content for a variety of purposes. They write, design, photograph, and film on a variety of subjects and settings. Not every piece is used, but every assignment is designed with the intention to use for a real purpose. Some of their projects include:

Graphic Design

  • T-shirt design ideas
  • Print program design for “Annie Jr.”
  • Digital program for Fine Arts design ideas
  • Graphics for athletic department Instagram
  • Children’s Book illustration or new MME campus


  • Home and away athletic events
  • Band concerts
  • Choir concerts
  • Daily school life
  • Special chapel presentations
  • Various needed portrait photography


  • Produce Football game experience for the stadium video board with game footage and graphics (Basketball coming soon in 2024-25)
  • Use Adobe Premiere to cut together student and faculty interviews
  • Use CapCut to create quick video on the go
  • Use Adobe Premiere to learn some motion graphic techniques

Real-world application

Students in The Agency are challenged to troubleshoot problems and find quick, creative solutions to needs using the skills they have learned. Those skills are needed in any career, but pairing that practice with specific training in content creation programs can lead a student to discover an interest in media-specific careers such as: