Teacher and alumnus Billy Sullivan shares memories and advice

Mr. Billy Sullivan graduated from CAC in 2014 and has since returned to teach history to both middle and high school students. In this interview he gives advice to current CAC students from the perspective of a CAC alum, gives insight into how his deep connection with CAC brought him back here, reminisces on high school memories, and shares how it felt to take over the roller coaster from his dad. 

“Get involved in as much stuff as possible, that is very beneficial…” he said. He explained how important it is to become involved in as many things as possible. Whether it be with a class or with an extracurricular activity — he emphasized to just get involved. He also expressed how important it is to form authentic relationships with teachers.

“We want to get to know you guys… and build relationships that allow us to care about each of our students that much more deeply. Making an effort to get to know your teachers will make your time at CAC the best it can possibly be, so take that step and build those relationships.”

To Mr. Billy Sullivan, CAC was the model of what an educational environment should look like. His connection to CAC eventually brought him back to teach alongside some other members of his family. He said that he wanted to teach in an educational environment where academics and students’ growth and faiths were of equal importance. When looking for places to teach, CAC fit both of these criteria perfectly. 

Everyone has favorite memories from high school. Mr. Billy Sullivan reminisced on a time when he and a group of students showed up to a class 20 minutes late because they were looking for an idol for a scavenger hunt. He also remembers lip sync battles during homecoming weeks and Europe trips. His time at CAC was filled with great and funny memories as a student, and that continues today as a teacher.