The House of Doom

By Guest Writer Sophia Verboon |

Graphic by Landen Hemphill assisted by Andrew Lowe and Gus Smith.

It was October 31st, Halloween Night. The stars hung high in the sky and were the only light paving the way for the innocent trick or treaters. Michael and Mat walked down the steps of their front porch. “Y’all be careful tonight, and Michael watch out for your little brother,” the boy’s mom said to them sternly.

“I will mom,” Michael replied as he and Mat ran out into the neighborhood and vanished into the night. The two boys went to the first house they saw and knocked on the door. A young woman with a bright smile opened the door and stepped out on the porch. She brought out a big bowl of beautiful Butter Fingers and Banana flavored Laffy Taffy.  The two brothers each grabbed a big handful and went to the next house. This house had sour skittles, snickers, and suckers. They once again grabbed the biggest handfuls they could and went to the next house. Eventually they had been to more houses than they could count and their legs were starting to get tired. They looked down into their candy bags.

“I had some dandy candy but I dropped it and now it’s all sandy,” said Mat sadly.

“Mat don’t whine, it’ll be fine because I’ll give you nine pieces of mine,” replied Michael. They were about to go home when they spotted a house that they had missed. They walked closer to it. WOOOSH! The wind started to blow, the temperature suddenly got low, and their goose bumps started to grow. The house was surrounded by dead trees. The paint was badly chipped. The two boys felt a sort of gloom as they stood in front of the open gate. The house looked like it was beautiful once a long time ago. But now it stood there, old and lifeless. 

“I don’t like this,” said Mat. “I think we should just go home.”

“No, we need all the candy we can get. I promise we’ll be quick,” said Michael. The boys hesitantly walked up the cracked, neglected driveway. They went up to the front door and knocked. KNOCK KNOCK! They heard faint, fast, frightening footsteps behind the door from someone or something. The door slowly started to open. Creeeek.The brothers only got a quick glimpse of the unhuman-like figure before they were quickly pulled into the house. Only the man in the moon saw what happened that night. Only two trick or treaters going home late heard the faint screams coming from Mat and Michael, but they didn’t think anything of it and continued walking home.