Valentine’s Day: Love It or Loathe It

Today is Valentine’s Day! To some it is a fun way to show people that you love them, while to others it’s a sad reminder of the loneliness that they may be feeling. There are students at CAC who love Valentine’s Day, and there are those who loathe it. This week, four CAC students shared their feelings regarding Valentine’s Day with us.

But first, a brief history. Valentine’s Day receives its name from the martyred St. Valentine. The holiday was first celebrated in 496, 226 years after St. Valentine lived. No one really knows why this Saint is associated with love, but legend has it that while St. Valentine was in prison, he sent the first ever “valentine” to his love. This note was signed “from your Valentine,” a phrase still used today. Another legend speculates that St. Valentine was killed for performing secret marriages during a time in which marriage was banned for young couples in Rome. All legends emphasize the fact that St. Valentine was a true romantic, causing him to become the namesake of this lovely holiday (

Three out of the four students interviewed said that they love Valentine’s Day, giving a multitude of reasons, such as: loving the aesthetic of the day, “galentine’s day,” chocolate, or even just the story of St. Valentine.

Only one of four students reported loathing Valentine’s Day– not because they hate love, but because they believe that Valentine’s Day has become too commercialized. This student also shared that on Valentine’s Day, love feels like a competition; if you do not give someone the nicest gift, then you must not love them enough. Valentine’s Day has become a way for people to compare love rather than share love. Like every holiday, the commercialization of Valentine’s Day has taken away the original purpose of showing people that you love them.

Although all four students had different opinions about Valentine’s Day, each of their responses shared one thing in common. The importance of loving others. Each student mentioned that they love getting to celebrate love with their friends, families, or significant others on Valentine’s Day. No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day, whether you absolutely love it or loathe it, we hope that your day is filled with love and happiness (and chocolate of course)!