Working Student – Jackson Stewart

With two elementary school campuses and a third one on the way, CAC loves having the ability to hire high school students, and giving them the opportunity to gain job experience through working with these campuses. Senior Jackson Stewart is one of these high school students.

“What I do is just watch the kids in after school care and make sure they are behaving…one thing I really enjoy about it is I am able to play basketball with second and third graders for most of the time that I am there.”

For Jackson, working at the elementary school is something that he really enjoys. The only negative aspect is “having to discipline the kids when they aren’t doing what they are supposed to.”

Working at the elementary school is a highly rewarding opportunity as it allows students to gain real work experience and give the elementary kids older students that they can look up to and interact with daily.

“It’s a really fun and easy job that I would recommend to anyone.”