Working student: Macy Wall

For many students, the day doesn’t stop after the final school bell rings. Working students leave school and make their way to their jobs as dishwashers, baristas, or youth coaches, just to name a few. For junior Macy Wall, 7Brew is the place she calls “work home.” 

New locations of 7Brew, a chain coffee shop, have begun popping up around Central Arkansas. This week we talked to Macy Wall about her experience working at 7Brew in Maumelle. 

“I really love my job,” Macy said. “It’s a great environment and everyone is always encouraging everyone. It’s also a really good job if you like to be hands-on. Making drinks is a lot of fun, especially when you get to experiment with the different flavors.”

Regarding negative aspects of her job, she explained how she really does enjoy almost every aspect of her job. The only thing that she does not always enjoy is “if the line for the drive thru is going out to the street it can be super stressful, but it can also be a fun challenge.”

For anyone who might be interested in applying for a job at 7Brew, Macy said, “I would definitely encourage other people to apply for this job! It’s a great first job and a great job for students. One of the best things about working there is that the tips are amazing.”