Working Student: Morgan Harrison

For many students, the day doesn’t stop after the final school bell rings. CAC students are employed all around town, from coaching, to food service, to owning their own businesses. Junior Morgan Harrison works at the Burns Park Tennis Center.

Morgan is a member of the CAC varsity tennis team, so she spends a lot of time at the tennis center during the season. Now that her season is over, Morgan has taken up a job there as well.

“My job is so fun! I work at the front desk, I ring people up for the price of their courts, and I take calls and book people’s courts for them,” Morgan said. “I make sure the indoor courts are cleaned and are ready for people to use them. I also check the outdoor courts. I clear any trash on the grounds and try to make the place [as] presentable as possible.”

Morgan loves getting to spend time with and meet people who love tennis as much as she does! She says that the only negative aspect of her job is the rush of people.

“Sometimes the building can get busy with people wanting to pay for their courts, and it takes a while for that process.”

For those who love tennis, you might consider working at Burns Park. Morgan said, “I do encourage students to apply there because it’s a very low-key job. If you want some downtime to work on homework but also get to have hands-on experience with a hobby you enjoy, then Burns Park Tennis Center is perfect. All of the staff are very welcoming and kind.”